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How and why people use Belbin

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Cleveland Orchestra - Analysing Team Roles
Cleveland Orchestra discuss the results of their Belbin analysis and what clues and surprises they provided to the organization.

IMP Vix Small

Belbin Helps Win Business

Helen Langhammer from Aspire Consulting - Malaysia, explains how using Belbin Team Roles helped to secure a contract.

CO Nigel CA

Belbin, Behaviours and Burns

Using her own Belbin report, Morna Ronnie discusses the importance of Observer Assessments, and how Team Role preferences may change over time.

ME Debs NF

Bad Apple Syndrome

Barrie Watson explains how occasionally, an individual’s behaviour can have a disproportionate effect on the team as a whole. Sometimes this effect is a positive one, but as consultants we tend to be involved when the effect is detrimental to the team.

SH Deborah NF

Breaking Cultural Stereotypes

Tom Robson talks about how he uses Team Roles as a means of understanding the diversity of contributions required in effective teams.

RI Jill NF

Belbin Applications

Winston Pond explains how he worked with Auckland University of Technology to help build a team culture within the directorate.

Specialist Jo NF

Belbin in Russia

Stella Chandler talks about how she introduced Belbin to a Russian management development programme and the effects it had.

PL Pete Small

Using Belbin to help secure employment

Jackie Bullivant explains how she has successfully used Belbin GetSet in The States of Jersey.

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