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Sample Reports

RI Jill NF

On completion of your Self-Perception Inventory, you receive a 6-page report that gives you an overview of your behaviour, along with advice on how to project your strengths and be aware of potential weaknesses: The pages of the report include:

  • Team Role Overview
  • Your Team Role Preferences
  • Team Role Feedback
  • Maximizing your Potential
  • Feedback and Development Suggestions
  • Suggested Work Styles
ME Debs NF

We strongly recommend that you find out how others see and value your strengths by adding Observer Assessments. Once you have 4 observers, you receive the following additional pages;

  • Analysis of your Team Role Composition
  • Comparing Self and Observer Perceptions
  • Observed Team Role Strengths and Weaknesses
  • List of Observer Responses
TW Dave NF

Finding out how individuals prefer to behave in the workplace is the first step. But very few of us work in isolation. Discovering how those we work with see and value our behaviour is next. A Team/Group report contains the following;

  • Overview of Team/Group Composition
  • Team Contributions (between 3-15 participants only)
  • Team Role Circle (between 3-15 participants only)
  • Individuals in the Team/Group
  • Strong Examples of Team Roles
  • Team Role Averages
  • Overall Observer Responses
SH Deborah NF

These reports are invaluable when looking at how individuals work together.

They can be generated once the SPI and OA have been completed. It is important to specify the relationship between the two individuals, as this will influence the report - are they colleagues, or is one the manager of the other?

PL Pete NF

Too often we concentrate on the skills and abilities required for a job, rather than look at the type of behaviour that would suit. By completing the Job Requirements Exercise we can see what is required in terms of Team Role Behaviour.


This report is produced by comparing a Job report with an individual's SPI (and Observers) report. It comments on the individual's capacity to fulfil the Team Roles required for the job.

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