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Meet our Australian Distributors

Australia is fortunate in having two distributors. This means that wherever you are based in Australia, and whatever your business need, there will be a Belbin expert to help you.

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Management Learning Pty Ltd.

MD John Burns, has been involved in the development and operation of the Belbin Team Roles model since 1977 working closely with Dr Meredith Belbin and the Belbin organisation.

He has mentored many CEOs and senior executives from both the private and public sectors in Australia and many other countries. He has lead the accreditation of more than 750 practitioners of Belbin Team Roles and continues to offer guidance and expertise to many Belbin clients. John has a degree in engineering, an MBA from McGill University and was involved in post graduate work at Oxford University.

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Sabre Corporate Development

Sabre brings years of high-level experience with corporate, government, defence, NGO, consulting and SME clients to their role as Belbin Distributor.

They have been using Belbin in their work since 1989, and have enjoyed the mentorship and friendship of long-term Belbin expert and associate Dr David Marriott. Sabre delivers the full suite of Belbin services, products, training courses and professional support to Belbin clients Australia-wide.

Directors Talan and Meg Miller and their diverse Sabre team are experienced experts in the Belbin Model and its numerous applications to organisations of all sizes.

They have designed Belbin based solutions for clients such as The United Nations, Zurich, Holcim, Department of Defence, Coles, QLD Department of Education, Coke, Caltex and many more.

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